March 11, 2006


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Writely is a web based word processor recently purchased by Google. Upstartle was the original company that developed Writely, but Google announced their purchase of Upstartle on 3.9.06 in an attempt to rival software giant Microsoft in the area of office applications. Microsoft Word is a worthy competitor, but Writely does not strive to mimic all of Microsoft Word’s features.

Writely is very user friendly, although new registrations are currently not available as the transfer to Google is made. The main strength of Writely is that since it is completely web based, different people can edit the same document from different computers. You no longer have email documents to yourself to open them in another computer.

I am typing this post from Writely and all I have to do to post on my blog is click on Blog and then I have the option to either preview it or post it. The only grudge I have with using Writely to post messages on my blog is that the time stamps on the posts are off by about 2 hours; many people have complained about this but it is only a small bug in a huge beta project.

Some highlight features that will keep me using Writely to post to my blog are the auto save feature, excellent ability to upload and handle images, ability to export and save to extensions such as .pdf(Acrobat Reader), .doc(Microsoft Word), .txt(Plain Text), and OpenOffice documents.

Writely is a great tool and although it is still in the beta stage, the recent change to Google will hopefully mean that it can be improved to the point where it gets the popularity it deserves. Writely is still buggy in some areas and there are many feature requests by users. Google has been known for developing superb services such as its search engine and Gmail; hopefully Writely will reach the popularity of such services.





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