April 1, 2006

Reading News

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RSSBefore, I spent about 30 minutes of each day reading news on google and such. Now I have much better tools that I will explain below. No more browsing though Google News to find nothing interesting at all. Welcome to the world of RSS/Atom.

I've never been a huge fan of rss feeds because they never proved useful to any of my needs. Recently however I have started reading all my news with a very simple and minimalistic open source atom/rss reader. With this program I can check many news sources at once inluding The Register, Slashdot, The Inquirer, Digg, and Reddit.

I recently found out about Reddit and Digg. Both services work basically the same way. Any user can submit a news article to the website and other users vote if the article is good or not. In Reddit, you can reate it good or bad and in Digg you can simply "Digg it" if you think it is a good article. This way only the good stuff makes it to the frontpage and thus to my rss reader.

The only downside to this at the moment is thinking all that time I wasted reading news when I could have done this from the beggining. Now I finally understand what the whole atom/rss rave is all about.


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