April 12, 2006


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I haven't made new posts in a while so in this post I'll say whats been
happening. Some of the more important things include: getting Photoshop CS2, Azereus, Daemon Tools, XP with genuine key.

I got Azereus, a popular Java based BitTorrent client, and its simply amazing. Once I can plug my old hd onto my new computer and get the password to my router, I'll be able to get port forwarding set up.

I got a Photoshop torrent + keygen and it worked like a charm. I'm really interested in creating kick-ass graphics with photoshop
and I started reading a plethora of tutorials. I remember back in the
good old days when I was a member of a lot of forums, especially invisionfree, and I used to make signatures for people with ms Paint. The power of photoshop is unsurpassed, although, it is quite a resource hog even with my decent system.

Daemon tools is a program which can emulate various cd-rom drives on your system. Before, when installing programs which were downloaded as an iso, I had to burn in into a disc. Now with Daemon tools all you need is to mount the iso on your emulated drive and it runs!

My uncle is also finally mailing me a copy of WinXP with an authentic key. I have not been able to get any workarounds working to get updates on my corporate version of WinXP.

I'm feeling quite lazy at the moment and so I don' want to provide links to theseprograms. If you're interested in any of them just google them, they are all common and you won't have any problems finding or downloading any of them.


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