April 20, 2006

Been a While

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I’m just updating the blog to say what has been happening lately. I was worrying too much about the quality of my posts and with my new keyboard getting here, it should motivate to write more.

Like I’ve said before,I don’t really care at all if people visit my blog, I’ll post my worthwhile posts to digg and reddit and people will increase their rank if they like them. Like I read in one of Paul Graham’s post just right now, most bloggers just think out loud.

WIth all the stuff that I ordered I’m going to start playing counter strike: source in CAL. I’m looking for a clan to participate in season 5. I have really high hopes for competetive gaming in cs:s.

I finally decided what text editor I’m going to use. It’s called SciTE; it is an editor based on Scintilla, which is what most editors are built on anyways. I chose SciTE as my text editor because of various reasons.

  • Small download, no installation required. Very fast and simple.
  • Excellent code folding for many languages.
  • Syntax highlighting for many languages out of the box.
  • Can be used on many plataforms.
  • Customizable. Although it cannot challenged Emacs or Vim, it suffices.

Python is completely amazing. I’ve been reading more tutorials and every time I reread all the begginers tutorials I’ve read I know all the material on them. I actually feel like I am making good proggress.

I chose Gaim as my IM client of choice, although Trllian was a tough contender. Gaim, like all my other programs that I love, is lean and simple. It works with more protocols than Trillian and just feels and works overral better.

I noticed that I am actually being affected by the much hated firefox memory leaks. About a week ago I saw that firefox was using 250mb of RAM! As a result from this event, I tried out Opera and it is indeed amazing. Opera is faster and it has many nice features, but in the end it can’t compete with the Firefox standard and its extensions.

That about sums everything up! My goal for this year is one post per day, most days at least. I was also thinking about moving my blog to blogger because of the fact that blogs cannot be customized nearly enogh as the blogs.


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