Below are many of the bookmarks I have saved. A large number of them using StumbleUpon.

O'Reilly Network: Hacking Windows XP
Lesson 11 – Exception Handling
A Python and XML tutorial aimed at Civilization IV modding
Python Tutorial
Exploring Islamic Feminism
timeline.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) – bypass compulsory registration with these free passwords
Access and share logins for websites that require you to register in order to view content.
the-cloak home
CustomizeGoogle: Googling Just Got Better — Firefox Extension
The Firemonger Project – Free computer science and programming books
Free computer science and engineering books, lecture notes, documentations and references.
Spread Firefox | Igniting the web – ASCII Art Collection
| USGS Earthquake Hazards Program | Earthquake Center | Latest Earthquakes – Last 7 Days |
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards
Progress Quest
The Link Collection Is Also Online
Tom's Hardware
: Tom's Hardware Guide is the Internet's premiere resource for hardware news and reviews
Speegle Speak Perfect Web Search.
A Scottish speech technology company which delivers Google search results as speech. There is also a talking news service called speakwire and a large collection of MP3 audio books on a site called S3 Books. Voice quality is superb. This is a patent applied for technology you are listening to and it demonstrates how speech can be used on your website to get the message accross to your users.
Brushed – A Brushed and Polished Browser Interface. Clean and small theme for Mozilla Firefox by e|vo – partly inspired by the look'n'feel of Safari on OSX.
Brushed – A Brushed and Polished Browser Interface. Clean theme for Mozilla Firefox by e|vo of Austria, EU – partly inspired by the look'n'feel of Safari.
Writely – The Web Word Processor
Collaborate. Publish. Blog. Free!
YouSendIt: The Leader in File Delivery.
FileMirrors (by HeadLight Software) Find and share file mirrors for better downloading.
Utopia by
Utopia is one of the largest free interactive online games in the world, with over 80,000 players – absolutely free to join! Play right through your web browser and discover a unique medieval world!
Welcome to the Inquirer
LimeWire: The Official Site for the Fastest File Sharing Program on the Planet
LimeWire is a free file sharing Gnutella client for Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux. You can search, download, and share all files, including MP3,OGG,WMA,WMF,WAV,MPG,MPEG,MOV,AVI,ASF,JPG,GIF,RM,HTM,HTML,TXT,SWF and more. Incredible graphics, high performance, and ease of use make LimeWire the world's most sophisticated peer to peer file sharing program..
Firefox – Rediscover the Web
Opera Web Browser
Opera – The Fastest Browser on Earth
Gentoo Linux — Gentoo Linux News – Buy Computer Parts, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras, and Electronics
Buy Computer Parts, Laptop Computers, Monitors, Electronics and More Online
The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem
Reviews and free downloads at
Find the software you're looking for at, the most comprehensive source for free-to-try software downloads on the Web. Includes audio programs, utilities, Internet and desktop software, applications for developers, downloads for small business users, and more.
Darwin Awards
The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who remove themselves from it in really stupid ways. Charles Darwin said it best: Survival of the Fittest, Culling the Herd, Evolution in Action. Vote! Slush! Mottos! Forum!
Carnage Blender 2: the free multiplayer strategy RPG
Free multiplayer strategy RPG. Text-based MMORPG.
hack a day – _ Network Tools, Internet Speed Test and Website Tools
DNS lookup, internet speed test, virus scan, whois, trace route, blacklist, advanced ping and website tools by the InternetFrog
How to fry an egg on an XP :: Your Guide to Broadband – The Broadband place. Everything about cable modems, DSL & Satellite with large section on free speed optimizations, general Windows tweaks, tips and fixes for boosting system performance.
World Beard and Moustache Championships
Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection
RATE MY MULLET – mullet pictures, mullets!
Rate My offers users to vote and comment on a huge collection of mullets.
Project Entropia
Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
Internet Traffic Report reports on the current performance of major Internet routes around the world.
56K Modem Emulator
lazylaces – modem emulator
The Art of Computer Game Design
100 Oldest .COM domain names
Medieval Demographics Made Easy
How many people in a medieval city? How many taverns? How many castles in those hills? This article will let you know.
Name Statistics – How popular are your first and last names?
Find out what your first and last names are ranked in popularity and statistics of how many other people in the US share your name!
White Pages Phone Directory with Free People Search
The white pages phone directory is your source for free people and business searches in the U.S. and Canada.
The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World
The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches
StopIE: Help stop Internet Explorer, the worlds most popular and worst internet browser –
dealram. Computer/digital camera memory price comparison. (flash cards, USB pen drives)
dealram compares computer memory prices quickly, easily, and accurately for Mac and PC owners. Find the cheapest prices from the best merchants, even on name-brand RAM. dealram adjusts for shipping so you can compare prices accurately. And if prices aren't where you want them, dealram can send you an email when they hit your price.
Main @ Things Of Interest
Computer Gripes
Computer Gripes – devoted to what stinks about computer products (hardware, software, web site), to problems and gripes using them. – where tiny is better!
www. is deprecated. provides tools and information for webmasters concerning the outdated nature of the www subdomain.
.: ::.:.
Free Online Flash Games at! Play StickRPG, StickRPG 2, Cinderfall, Fishy, Castle, and More!
The Law of Accelerating Returns
Phrenicea Home Page – Future – Vision – 21st Century – Prophecy – Prediction
Phrenicea presents a futuristic scenario based on the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions; promotes discussion and debate of present-day technological and social trends.
Alexa Web Search
Alexa web search — a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool. Alexa web search combines the powerful Google search engine with Alexa's comprehensive site information and puts it all inside an interface.
Thief: The Circle — A Through the Looking Glass Website
Internet Content Filtering Software with internet connection sharing and web content management for parental control!
AllegroSurf is a internet content filtering proxy server that can save you money by sharing a single internet connection between several computers. Ideal for web content management and parental control, this proxy server can also speed up your Internet connection and block ads and pop-ups. More than just a proxy server, AllegroSurf is a internet sharing content filter for a cost-effective solution.
The End of the Internet
The End of the Internet. Go Back to the Beginning.
The End of the Internet
The Last Page of the Internet
The End of the Internet
the end of the world internet last page
the end of the world internetlast page full of strange links, weird websites, interesting webcams, strange pictures, bizarre humor, weird ebay auctions ghost in a jar bottle and the funniest jokes weird pictures strange Weird strange funny fun silly bizarre eBay auctions sales humor ghost jar photos
ScrapBook – Firefox Extension
Newest Webcams
SnipURL – Snippetty snip snip with your long URLs!
SnipURL or Snurl 'snips' your long URLs into small, friendly and persistent links for sharing and remembering. Free. – The official EL Website!
TOP500 Supercomputer Sites
paper cd case Node Zero
Peter's Evil Overlord List
Flickr – Photo Sharing
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a cameraphone.
Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide
Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the downloads, web sites and shortcuts that save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live.
deviantART: where ART meets application!
Art – community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.
Find Music You'll Love – Pandora
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Listen for free.
HackQuest :: Learn about Hacking, Cracking, JavaScript, PHP, Cryptology and Password security
Learn about Hacking, Cracking, JavaScript, PHP, Cryptology and Password security
CPUShare – The Low Cost Supercomputer
Gamasutra – Feature – "How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days" Printer Friendly
F u t u r e M e . o r g
Public Proxy Servers
A list of hundreds public proxy servers.
MAME – The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site
MAME is Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It emulates classic arcade games.
SOLDAT – home page
Home page of the 2d multiplayer shooter Soldat.
Wierd Facts and Humor
Weird facts, news and wacky humor.
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
Selling geek t-shirts, mugs, ties, high caffeine products, and many other gifts for programmers, linux hackers, and open source geeks.
Theory Org
AnswersThatWork – PC Tuning & Troubleshooting, HelpDesk, Computer Tips & Solutions
AnswersThatWork is the ultimate online HelpDesk for PC Tuning & Troubleshooting, Computer Tips & Solutions for PC, Network, Software, Hardware, or Networking Problems.
Kill Bill's Browser – Switch to Firefox
Explorer Destroyer – Switch to Firefox, Make money from Adsense Referral
The Story of Andy L's Computer (Version Oh-One)
Freeware Home – Ultimate Collection of Free Software
Freeware Home – The most diverse Collection of truly free software on the Web.
Tucows Downloads – Download Freeware and Shareware Software
Downloads and software from Tucows the largest online software download site. Tucows has over 40,000 software titles that are tested, rated, reviewed and ready to download. Tucows is your download destination for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA freeware, shareware, and demos. Download screen savers, themes, utilities, browsers, games, kids software, and even learn HTML!
Freeware Files – Free Software Downloads
Free Downloads of thousands of freeware programs. All freeware downloads are rated, reviewed and include screen shots.
Only Freeware
Only freeware – for Win 95/98/ME/XP. No shareware. Large selection organized by category.
FREEWARE GUIDE – Your Guide to the Best Free Software and Freeware Sites!
Daily news of freeware updates, Program of the Month, Top 10 Freeware, Freeware links, Featured Freeware
FreewareWeb – Your One Stop Freeware Source!
FreewareWeb is your source for the latest and greatest in freeware. Features a quick loading, well organized, regularly updated and searchable freeware archive. Now includes FTP Search, Reviews, Top Downloads, Wallapers, one of the best FREE Newsletters, and more!
What's My IP Address? | – check your IP address, host name, browser version, ISP information and more! – The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address – The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address
fly plane
All Games – Free Multiplayer Online Games
Directory of free multiplayer online games
The Weird Picture Archive \\ WEIRDPICTUREARCHIVE.COM
a growing collection of some of the strangest pictures in the world. browse by subject and contribute your own
The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity
The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment News and Information
Google It You Moron.
Magenn Power Inc. – Home
Floating Wind Turbines, up to 1000 feet in height deliver 4kW to 1600kW
How the Net Works
Oasis | Mind-Control – The Offical Home Of Zelda Classic – Crazy Fads
Read about fads from the past 100 years: hula hoops, disco, pet rocks, goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, mood rings, Rubik's Cubes, 3D movies, and more.
Free PC Games – Noodan Free Games – Freeware Games
Download and play over 1100 freeware PC games. All games have reviews, ratings and screenshots and are completely free
A Gamers' Manifesto
America's least favorite twisted humor site.
Lustre: scalable, secure, robust, highly-available cluster file system
Utz/Social Information Processing in MUDS/Journal of Online Behavior 1.1
IP Spotting
A database of internet protocol addresses, scored based upon a number of silly tests
USB Floppy Disk Drive RAID
The home of Spybot-S&D!
Damn Interesting
WordPress › Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
Hamachi : Stay Connected
EarthCam – Webcam Network
Webcam Network | EarthCam. EarthCam is the leading network of live webcams and offers the most comprehensive search engine of internet cameras from around the world. EarthCam also creates and produces live webcasts in addition to providing complete infrastructure services to manage, host and maintain live streaming video camera systems for its consumers and corporate clients.
wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions
wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions
Fantasy Grounds :: The Virtual Tabletop for Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games
Open Mind
**, Helping Newbies Since 1996
The Newbie friendly home of help for the newbie of all stages and categories. Tutorials, technology reviews, forums, online lessons, and reference since 1996. – fresh tech news from around the net
Fresh technology news aggregated from various technology sites such as Slashdot, Wired, and O'Reilly.
HowStuffWorks – Learn how Everything Works!
HowStuffWorks explains hundreds of subjects, from car engines to lock-picking to ESP, using clear language and tons of illustrations. We do the research so you don't have to.
Death to Spam
Alchemy Mindworks Death to Spam page — techniques to deal with unwanted e-mail
Embedded Mozilla Rendering Engine, in a 3D OpenGL application.
OpenNet Initiative :: Documenting Internet Content Filtering Worldwide
Documenting Internet Content Filtering Worldwide
GeoHive : Global Statistics
Global Statistics is a collection of tables and graphs providing a statistical look at countries, their population, area, capital, main cities, etc.
World Transhumanist Association
Astor Cube
Top Mud Sites – Rankings of Muds, Forums, Mud Database, Articles, Discussions
Top MUD Sites contains some of the best MUDs, MUCKs, MOOs, MUSHes, and GODWARS on the Web, ranked according to visitor votes. Read articles, participate in the forums, and write reviews. :: 1.877.2.GET.COOL :: Store & Phone Hours M-F 10-6, Sat 11-4
Offers cases computer from Li Lian, other brands, or pc cooling devices, or pc mods for best computer cooling.
TechSpot – The PC Enthusiast Information Resource
Technorati: Home
Futurelooks :: Digital Lifestyle and Technology for the Masses fanfiction, fandoms, recommendations, cats, weird things, quotes, books, links and assorted other strangeness…
Popular Science
Play Free Online Games – List of Free Multiplayer Games
Directory of free multiplayer online games. Features a screenshot and description of each game.
Blackmesa HL² by piloux ..::page made by Whabbit::.. presents: How Much Is Inside?
ze's page ::
Game Menu :: Every Video Game :: Nintendo, Sega and more!
Play all the old video games you grew up with – online and free. Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy and more.
Internet Tips And Secrets
This web site presents a series of articles about how to use the internet to your best advantage. Here are the internet tips and secrets that you need to improve your enjoyment, profit and productivity.
Online FPS GAME WARROCK – Check Google™ page ranking
Check your search engine placement and page ranking in Google™ .A free search engine optimization tool.
SiteAdvisor – Protection from spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses, fraud and identity theft
SiteAdvisor blog
CIA – The World Factbook
J!NX – Gamer Geek Hacker Computer Nerd T-Shirts TShirts T-Shirt TShirt Shirts Shirt Hats Sweatshirts Clothes Clothing Gaming Hacking
Hackers Geeks Nerds Gamers Computers clothes clothing hat hats shirt shirts t-shirt t-shirts tshirt tshirts threads wear gift gifts sweatshirts sweatshirt accessories other theme clothing from JINX Clothing. If you're a Hacker Geek Nerd Gamer or Computer guru shop here for your gear.
Give Credit
An interactive tutorial illustrating the importance of giving credit on the same page as graphics are used, utilizing the newest offerings of some of the best graphic designers on the net.
Creative Commons
Welcome to the Inquirer
Internet Archive Wayback Machine – Web Pioneers
DIE OFF – a population crash resource page
After the global oil peak production global carrying capacity will be impossible to maintain. The world economy will crash or stagnate eventually leading to a die off of the human population within the next fifty years.
Roleplayers Home – Character Generator, Sheets, Database and Online Tools for RPG's
Visit us for online Character Sheets, Character Generator, Character Database with DM tools, Map and Dungeon Creater, Weapon, Armor, Shields and Item Database. Everything for your roleplaying needs!
Welcome! – Quest3D
Improv Everywhere: We Cause Scenes
Questions & Answers by experts in their fields – ask an expert is a website set up to answer all your frustrating questions. Experts in their fields may register on the site to answer questions.
Game Maker Pages
ClamWin Free Antivirus. GNU GPL Free Software Open Source Virus Scanner and Spyware Detector. Free Windows Antivirus and Anti Spyware. Stay Virus and Spyware Free with Free Software.
ClamWin Free Antivirus. GNU GPL Free Software Open Source Virus Scanner and Spyware Detector. Free Windows Antivirus and Anti-Spyware. Stay Virus and Spyware Free with Free Software.
Paper Money Grading Guide
sputnik7 – Music Videos, Film, Full-Length Anime, & Free MP3 Downloads
sputnik7 – Music Videos, Film, Full-Length Anime, & Free MP3 Downloads

 Producing Open Source Software

A Beginners C++

C++ In Action
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days

 reddit: what's new online

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards
Business group chat: Campfire
Campfire is a simple web-based real-time group chat tool for business. It makes real-time communication with 2-40 people as simple as visisting a web page.
Slawesome: Voice over Email – Welcome! This is alpha, baby!
Pageflakes – The whole Web at your Fingertips!
Pageflakes is your personalized start page with news readers, RSS feeds and various other features
Arcaplay (BETA) :: Redefining Arcade
Arcaplay – Your Source for FREE Online Games
43 Things is a community site that allows its members to create wishlists and keep track of items that they want
The Best Software Writing II
Gentoo Forums :: Index



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